Visit of Cangarda (Magedoma)
Brockville, Ontario
June 4 - 7, 2011

Some Images of a Good Time

In early June 2011, the Cangarda (Magedoma) formerly owned by the Fulford family of Brockville visited the Brockville Harbour for a four day visit.

At Blockhouse Island on Saturday afternoon, a steady crowd boarded, or came to admire, the 110-year-old Cangarda luxury yacht, more commonly known to locals as the old Magedoma.

The magnificent 126-foot ship was once owned by Brockville senator and business magnate George T. Fulford and temporarily "came back home" for an extended weekend of public display to benefit Fulford Place Museum.

"The owner promised some day, he'd bring it here," said Martha Sadler, a Fulford Place volunteer.

The current owner, Dr. Robert McNeil of Mann, California, carried out a 12 million dollar restoration to the vessel to bring it back to its former glory.


Images recorded by L&G Tourism Development Corporation

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