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Magnolias in Brockville

Magnolias in Brockville

Magnolias in Brockville

You might think that magnolias are hallmarks of the Southern United States landscape with their large, glossy-green leaves, fragrant flowers, and stately forms. They do display their beautiful flowers in early May in Eastern Ontario Canada.

When there is not a harsh winter, they do especially well in sheltered areas in Brockville where the gardening temperate zone is a five and the St Lawrence River provides a warming buffer.

Magnolias are especially hard to photograph. The flowers are quite large, the tree as shown is about 15 feet tall, and the shades of pink on the flowers are very delicate. If not photographed at the proper light angle and without the proper depth of field set on a camera ~ all details could be easily lost. -

The type of Magnolia recorded here is a saucer Magnolia. -
J.S. Lor

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