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Fresh crisp apples are a delight.  Eat one or bring one for the teacher, they are just great as a snack, made into sauce for roast pork  or the filling for a pie or a strudel.  You can find Ontario apples in nearly every grocery store or at the FarmGate Orchard Stores 

Ontario apples are available right off the tree starting in August and some varieties are available from storage until August the next year. 
apples2.jpg (5222 bytes) Great taste, great nutrition. Crisp apples -- they're naturally made for healthy snacking.

Kids love them because they're sweet and satisfying. Easy to grab on the go, apples are one of the favorite "fast" foods; they're calorie-light and delicious.

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courtland.gif (4384 bytes)


Red blush skin; white flesh; mildly sweet; crisp; resists browning.
Availability: Oct.-Feb.
empire.gif (5459 bytes)


Dark red blush skin; cream flesh; slightly tart; firm.
Availability: Oct.-May
goldendel.gif (5480 bytes)
Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious
Yellow skin; elongated shape, 5 bumps on bottom; yellowish flesh; tart to sweet tastes; firm, keeps shape when cooked.
Availability: Oct-May
idared.gif (4976 bytes)
Bright red skin with greenish-yellow patches; white flesh; tart; very firm.
Availability: Dec.-Aug
A very large, bright red, crisp fruit that is particularly good for cooking, making a nice white froth when stewed (applesauce) and making excellent pies. Good all purpose apple, altho' a little tangy at first. They sweeten in storage
Availablity - Early mid season
mcintosh.gif (4678 bytes)
Green skin with a heavy red cheek on one side; white flesh; mildly tart to sweet as ripened; firm.

Some Culinary Uses ~
Cider, Snacks, Pies, Strudel...

Do you use this variety of apple?   
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mitsu.gif (5696 bytes)
Crispin (Mutsu)
Greenish-yellow skin with orange blush; white flesh; tart to sweet taste; firm.
reddel.gif (5772 bytes)
Red Delicious
Red Delicious
Deep red skin; elongated shape; 5 bumps on bottom; creamy white flesh; sweet; crisp.
Availability: Oct.-Apr.
spartan.gif (4928 bytes)
Dark red skin; white flesh; fairly tart to sweet when ripened; crisp.
Availability: Oct.-Jan.
spy.gif (4923 bytes)
Northern Spy
Red striped skin with yellow colour; yellowish flesh; tart taste; firm.
Availability: Oct.-Mar.
No Picture Available Wolf River
Fruit is very large, bright red and rosy crimson color. White coarse flesh is moderately juicy and pleasantly sub-acid. This annual bearing tree is good for pies and excels as a drying and sauce apple. Resistant to scab and mildew. Tree is very hardy, and a vigorous grower
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