Avery's Recipe Book
Avery was born in Kingston, Ontario. Avery is 9 years old.

She is in grade 4.

She has a pet hamster named Albert.

Avery has 1 sister and 1 brother.

She lives in Canada.

For Kids by Kids

If you have an excellent recipe  - Send it into me so I can make a book out of it.

called "Avery's Recipe Book"

If you have a child that is very picky send in recipes so I can make a book

that gives recipes that even picky kids will want to eat.

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Here is a recipe that was sent in from Jasmin

RECIPE NAME: Hamster Cakes


INGREDIENTS: 1 slice of wheat bread
1/4 cup of mixed fruits (bananas, strawberries, apples)
3 baby carrots
4 chopped up milk bone dog treats

DIRECTIONS: Cut the crust off the wheat bread.

Put the mixed fruit, carrots, in a blender for about 10 seconds.

Spread the blended fruit/carrots on bread.

Sprinkle chopped dog treats on top.

Let sit for 2 hours or until topping gel (carrots/fruit) cakes the top of the bread.

Feed to your hamster and your hamster's hamster friends at his/her next holiday/birthday party!

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