Best Wishes to All During 2009!

We want to thank: Hockey Made Easy, Dr Franck Belibi,
Dr Suzzanne Belibi, Varley Gallery, Charles Spratt Gallery, Doug Avery, 
 Beacon Home , Michael Hope, Jimmy Sam, Sam Cox, Diana Earle,
Ruth Lor Malloy,  Kool Pine Cottages, Stu Williams, Eric Webster, Oliver K. Reichl,
Carol Tuttle, Astrid Strader, Tanya Hammond, Matt Chatelaine,  Susan Sly,
Apple Hill Furniture, Ice Capades, all the 110 persons who traveled by bus to Montreal
and Prince Edward County in 2011, friends and family for their support during 2012

Best Wishes to All for a Happy, Safe and Profitable 2013

Santa Claus

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