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There a variety of Real Christmas Trees
that can be found for sale in Eastern Ontario

Check out Farmers' Markets, Roadside
Stands, and City Parking Lots or
take a trip into the country to a
Cut Your Own Tree Farm

Balsam fir: dark-green in appearance with long-lasting needles, and classic Christmas-tree form. It also retains its pleasing fragrance. Balsam firs need up to 10 years in the field to produce a tree of slightly taller than two metres.
Fraser fir: similar to the balsam fir, but this species tends to keep its needles longer up to six weeks, if cared for properly than other Christmas trees. It can also cost almost twice as much as other trees.

Scotch pine: tree characterized by long needles. Tends to drop more needles than other trees. Was once the Christmas tree of choice in Canada but has slipped in popularity.
Colorado spruce: deep blue foliage makes it popular with some. Longer needles compared to other spruces. Handles heavy ornaments well.

White spruce: short needles with medium blue-green colour and prickly texture.
White pine: popular among some because of its very soft needles. However, those soft needles mean the tree can only handle light ornaments




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