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Governments are putting into effect their plans to combat the present climate crisis. And we want to hear and share what you and your family plans to do personally to help reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and pollution on the earth.  We can conclude from this graph that none of the measures taken by industrialized countries to reduce CO2 output have had any noticeable effect, nor does it appear likely that they will have any significant effect in the foreseeable future. (Roger Graves)
Note: April 2021 - C02 is 418.37 ppm
 Here are some suggestions... Could one of the options for lowering the C02 increases be volunteer population subpression? ... How about volunteering to plant trees? ... Lobby your government to not fund fossil fuel projects ... Buying only one electric vehicle? ... Installing temperature insultated windows... Having a backyard vegetable garden... Cooking with an electric stove... Putting sensors and switches on your lights that only turn on when you are in the room... ..

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Judy Hope 11/1/2019   Calgary Canada Collectively our small actions can have a big impact.
Here are some things I do to reduce my carbon footprint.
1) I have driven a hybrid car for the past ten years.
2) I removed the grass from my front and back yards.
The backyard is deeply mulched reducing the need for watering . I grow a number of berries (gooseberry, sour cherry, haksap aka honeyberry, raspberries) rhubarb, and veggies.
I do have a greenhouse but I don't heat it.
3) The front yard is farmed by a SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) farmer who sells the organic salad greens to farmer's markets and restaurants.
4) For the past several years I have had beekeepers keep hives in my backyard. The current hive was just taken over by the
University of Calgary School of Veterinary Medicine Happy Bee Health Club.
5) I share my home with students, reducing my personal carbon footprint by sharing resources.
6) I do go to the mountains to hike about twice a week. I carpool.
7) I do have a clothesrack that I use during the spring and summer months.
8) Calgary has a green bin program for compost. And a blue bin for recycling.
9) I try to be more intentional about my single use plastic use. I refuse to take straws, carry a refillable water bottle, bring reusable bags to the grocery store.
10) I have 90% stopped buying salad in plastic boxes.
11) I also like to take my empty glass jars to the Bulk Barn or Community Natural Foods. They weigh them and then when I fill up with bulk items (lentils etcetera), they deduct the weight at the cashier.
Denise Bowes 10/27/2019 Brockville Canada
  • Switching from a typical car to a hybrid car saves 0.4 tons of greenhouse gases a year
  • Washing clothes in cold water saves 0.247 tons of greenhouse gases a year
  • Hang-drying clothes instead of using an electric dryer saves 0.21 tons of greenhouse gases a year
  • Upgrading your lightbulbs saves 0.10 tons of greenhouse gases a year
  • We travel more in our hybrid than we fly, but occasionally we still fly transAtlantic.  when we do, we buy carbon offsets and fly with an airline that has bought the most efficient planes that try to use the least fuel. KLM currently.  They use the carbon offset funds to plant trees.
    We car pool when possible.
    We keep vehicles and electronics for many years.
    -- dress more warmly and keep the heat turned lower.
    -- buy used clothing more than new, for many items.
    -- repair rather than throw away, and re-use where possible.
    -- have volunteered for the Green party for 20 years.
    When we lived rurally we planted many trees and let a former pasture go back to mixed forest.
    I belong to Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment which has successfully lobbied several provinces to stop coal burning and ban or reduce harmful pesticide use.
    We support Transition Brockville, a local organization that supports sustainability in our community and is part of a world wide Transition movement.  https://transitionbrockville.com/. good ideas for everyone in their monthly newsletter - sign up to be on e-list
Joe Lor 10/15/2019 Brockville Canada 1. Building a web page to ask for submissions from people all over the world to tell me what they are personally doing to combat climate change and pollution.
2. Growing editable vegetables in my garden.
3. Installing new windows.
4. Take trains to Toronto
5. Wash my clothes in cold water.

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