Garden and Landscape Plant Preferences

flogo.jpg (5637 bytes)In the area in and around Ottawa Canada, the rural producers are able to grow a wide variety of transplantable plants for your garden and to landscape your property. 

To help reduce the risk of over or under producing, they need to know what consumers want to buy.

We have listed many of the main types of plants, shrubs and trees that are locally produced and sold here in the Ottawa Canada region.

Please Help the Producers  - They would like to know your preferences.

Garden and Landscaping Preferences
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Plants   -                Will you buy any of these plant classifications ~~~? Sure Might Not at All
Roses  No flower garden is complete with out having some roses. They come in a large variety, from the beautiful hybrid teas to the climbing shrubs. In the harsh northern climates, most will survive the winter if they are properly covered. There is nothing as nice in a garden as a bed of scented and unscented roses.
Annuals are flowers that most people buy and transplant they right into their gardens.  What makes annuals such a good buy is that most varieties will flower right from the time you buy them until the snow covers the ground.
Perennials allow gardeners to create versatility in your garden by providing plants that winter well. From spring to fall, various varieties will provide flowering periods anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks. Plant them once and each year they will come up.  But if you think that they don't have to be attended to - think again.  They must be thinned sometimes at least once a year or more.
Shrubs What better way to decorate and make your property look super than to put decorative shrubs like flowering lilacs, potentilla, or ornamentals.  They can be put into the ground anytime after the frost has gone and will take a year or two to come up flowering. When they do it is spectacular.
Plants   -                Will you buy any of these plant classifications ~~~? Sure Might Not at All
Evergreens No home with a little space should be without evergreens to act as a windbreak and ground cover. Balsams, Pines, junipers, cedars, yew and broadleaf evergreens are just a few types that are available in this area.  Protect most from the winter winds and they will thrive here.
Vines Climbing vines on vertical surfaces such as roses or clematis certainly add a vertical look to your garden. There is lots of variety of these plants and they do well in this climate.
Hedges can be used as windbreaks or a very attractive way to designate a property line. Cedar, Chinese elm, arctic willow can easily be trained to be in most any shapes you want them to be with carefully grooming and pruning.
Plants   -                Will you buy any of these plant classifications ~~~? Sure Might Not at All
Trees No lot in this area should be without one these great trees. Ash, Birch, Hawthorn, Lindon, Locust, Canadian Maple, Oak, Poplar all love the sun and make a positive statement about your property.
Fruit Trees Can't image a large property without an apple. cherry pear, plum or peach tree.  Depending upon the hardiness zone you live in will determine what kind of fruit tree can grow well.
Fruit and Berry Plants Want a snack while you are busy in your garden? There is nothing better than being able to munch on strawberries, grapes or raspberries picked fresh  from the vine.   Impress your friends and have them over for freshly picked berries from your own vines.
Vegetable Plants There is a whole multitude of vegetables that can be grown in this region very successfully.   Beans, melons, root vegetables, kole crops, tomatoes, .... you name it we can grow most anything here except bananas... and even those I have seen started inside, brought outside during the summer to bear eatable fruit.
Plants   -                Will you buy any of these plant classifications ~~~? Sure Might Not at All
Water Plants Artificial or real ponds decorate nicely with water plants like lilies, floating plants, oxygenators that absorb impurities in your pond and put oxygen back into it. Put these water plants right into the pond or line the edges.
Herbs Fresh are best and many people are growing them in little boxes that line their windows. There is a multitude of varieties and sweet basil tops the list as the most wanted one for your home kitchen.
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