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Do you know what I like about getting
and reading happy news?

"It makes me feel happy that someone else is feeling good about telling all of us of
their happiness news

It was the voice of a single lonely woman whose just heard from a long lost friend and they were going to meet for lunch.

Happy People

Do you have some happy news ?

Things that make you smile inside, an accomplishment of one of your children which makes you feel proud, seeing a long lost friend, doing something like ride a bicycle which you haven't done in 20 years, finally doing something you have wanted to do all your life and now have the courage to do or say it, things that never make the newspaper because they are not newsworthy --- you get the drift - just anything that deals positively that you want to share that makes you happy and hopefully many of the readers of this web page.


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Ability to Love

You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective

Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill

The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living

Stumbling on Happiness

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

Duets II - Tony Bennett

Don't Worry Be Happy!

Never Say Goodbye

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FYI - A new report shows Norway is the happiest country on Earth,

Happy News -  RECEIVED

J. Lor Brockville
My twenty-one year old grand daughter came to visit me and we talked about her present and future.... I am so pleased.. and happy!
" Here is what makes me Happy! : seing women helping all women i  meet. they are so beatyfull to me. they love me but a citizen must help the socity first. i live alone so i just can help what is pure love women. its a sarifice but its ok. im happy every day. its a way of living. have a good day! Its never to late to have one! "
okahomja city
" Everyday is a good day, some days are just better than others.  (My friends and I used to say that about sex!  Gigglefest!)"
Jo New Zealand "Its so nice to read the positive comments above. I am alone and sometimes it feels as though everything is negitive, so thanks for your happy thoughts and for sharing them.  "  
" The +50 people specially with having the tag of Divorse, seperation and widowed need the help of Sincerety & it is possible after to getting re-marriage for a nice happy future, but, but, but ...... Honesty is the best policy .
Muffy Dunlap
White Plains
" Here is my Happy Talk - Happy News:I like this page! :-)
Praise The Lord! "
Liz Connecticut
" I want to learn to feel complete and whole by myself. Today I went to the movies and I was able to enjoy it without feeling sorry for myself."
  " Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)
Minnie   " We definitely need more smart pelope like you around"
Ste-Marguerite du Lac Masson
" My mother found her passport and will be able to come here to celebrate her 85th birthday on 11-11-11 at 11am. We're planning a beautiful brunch for her! ;-) "
" thank to think of me it is nice to see some positive people and keep smiling and it will be a better world Have a nice day everyone "
Mary Lou Sydney
" My sister is here visiting and friends are coming over to help me celebrate my birthday. It is wonderful."
Wendy Lawson
" m so happy that the cup of coffee that I forgot on the roof of my car did NOT fall off. It was still there when I realized I had left it on the roof. YES!!! "
Dixie Brockville
" I just received a beautiful Reiki treatment from Kerry, my good-energy friend. It left me feeling happy and full of contentment. Thank you Kerry!!!!
Rae ames
" My 18 year old daughter came to see me at work and I danced and made her laugh, then my Assistant danced too! "
Dave Brockville " good news=better than all the spam we get !! keep up the good work !! "
" I just spent a day with my girlfriend, she is amazing. It was a surprise visit which made it all the more special. Thank you Universe!:) Still smiling :)"
" Joy, Love and Happiness is contagious! I just spent a weekend in community with 12 enlightened leaders and I am so grateful how we moved together as one AND laughed so hard we almost... (you know). It was  heavenly. "
Mary Williamsburg
" I just went on a bus trip to Montreal with friends and we had a wonderful time. The hot sun on our bodies as we sat at a little cafe was heavenly. This is what I call bliss."
Pam Brockville " I was at the dollar store on the weekend and a lady had purchased a large number of bottles of water. I asked my 13 yr old son to stay behind and give her a hand out to her car. I went to the car and waited for him and when he came out loaded with 2 bags he was followed by 2 more fine young gentleman each carrying more of her bags. KINDNESS Its contagious people!!"
Diana Brockville
" Being invited to share our new friend's wedding. We will meet in the Lake District next spring for the event!!!
Michie Kingston Ontario "I am happy to say I am in Scarborough today"
Laura UK "My boyfriend just asked me to marry him and I said yes !!! 
  Can't stop smiling "


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