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                 Staying Kool!

Tips for Surviving the Heat

Hi Everyone:

When the weather is hot there are a few tips to getting in your
workouts and keeping your sanity..

1. In extremely hot conditions your body is more likely to retain fluid making you feel bloated and 'heavy'.  Drink extra fluids and try beginning  your day with fresh lemon and water. 

3 liters of pure water is the minimum for those exercising in the heat.
2. 20 minutes of cardio at a consistent rate is all you need to activate the body's full fat burning potential.  If you are unable to workout at an air conditioned location remember that you may have to cut back temporarily.
Try 20 minutes of running, cycling or power walking first thing in the morning.  Do your abdominal work, push-ups, lunges, etc. later on.  Remember to drink plenty of water.
3. Profuse sweating depletes minerals.  Be extra conscious of taking supplemental minerals.  This will keep your body's biochemistry balanced.
4. Try using watery fruits such as melons, grapes and citrus to get extra fluids and nutrients.
5. Limit the intake of starchy carbohydrates such as breads, pastas, rice and baked goods during hot times as this will just add to excess fluid retention.

       Be Well!

       Susan Sly BSc


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