Unpacking Your Memories



Treasure Island

That's Gisela with her
likeness on the poster

Ice Capades Memorabilia for Sale


At the Banquet


Filming the Street Dance

   ‘ Who Unpacked Their Memories!’

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV

for the

70th Ice Capades Anniversary Reunion

June 21-22, 2010

How many of you remember this 1968 Ice Capades
intro number that is now being played on your computer?

And had the time of their lives

There's No Business Like Show Business"

    and no friends like Ice Capades friends

        I cried into my pillow last night that it is all over

            Thanks to everyone that helped make this reunion
              the trip of a lifetime for me

                I had such a good time with the friends I toured

                    And made so many new friends of all ages

                        "There's No People like Show People"

                                Best wishes to you all

                                        See you in 5 years (or hopefully

                                                Lilli(an) Buell

                                                    Camp Hill, PA  

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Congratulations for pulling off a great reunion! I'm hearing nothing but rave reviews. It's all well deserved and it didn't happen over night. You've been working on this for a long time and your hard work and attention to detail resulted in the success of the reunion.  

Dear Gloria, Stephan & Ken, 

Congratulations on organizing an absolutely incredible reunion! 

We know the amount of work involved and we hope that the result has made it all worthwhile for you.

It was a joy from start to finish and we personally loved the emphasis on the Frozen Old Farts of the earlier days. 

You made the Glamour Live Again and we thank you and salute you. 


Terry & Gie.= 

You and your committee did the most awesome job with the reunion…it was so wonderful that I hardly have words except….


Once again I just wish to say that you made my year with this incredible reunion you and Ken put together.  This was my first reunion and I intend for it not to be my last!  It was absolutely perfect! 




To See and Hear the Street Dance Click Here!

Details About the -New Orleans Mini Reunion Weekend
June 14-17, 2012

We will See Everybody at the  Reunion in 2015 !

e-Mail - Stephan, Gloria & Ken , Co-Chairs
ICE CAPADES 70th Anniversary Reunion Committee
Las Vegas, Nevada

Disclaimer: The 70th Anniversary Reunion Committee of ICE CAPADES
is not affiliated with the current owners of ICE CAPADES and is being
independently operated by a group of alumni volunteers.

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