Comments from the Ottawa Weekend

Over the weekend, we all had a blast sharing stories, photos and memorabilia from the show! Everyone had something special to contribute to this intimate gathering. It's amazing how we all have a "good story" revolving around "Uncle Bobby" (Turk)! What great memories. Our "Welcome Party" photos and a story about the reunion was in the OTTAWA CITIZEN and was mentioned on local T.V. news shows.

We were also honoured to have the son and grandson of PETER TYRELL, one of the "Founding Fathers" of ICE CAPADES here in Ottawa! Mr. Tyrell was an arena owner in Philadelphia and helped create the original edition of ICE CAPADES which debuted in New Orleans in 1940! He was a director of the show, until it was sold to Metromedia in 1963 for $5 million. Peter Jr. brought a huge silver engraved cup, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the show, to share with us, along with the original cast photo from 1940! Wow, what an amazing start to a spectacular evolution of this extravaganza on ice! Many of us also brought our cast photos from our years in the show, reminding us all how lucky we were to part of this company.

We wish you could have all been with us, here in Canada's Capital for WINTERLUDE, to enjoy this unique experience.


Comments from the Weekend 

Just wanted to tell you what a great job you did with the reunion.  It was way more fun than the others.  It was the best being in Atlantic City again, and really nice having a smaller group.  All of your hard work really showed.  Again, thanks so much for your efforts.  It was great seeing you.  Lauri (Goldsmith) Tepper

Forgive me for the mass e-mail but I wanted to get this off to as many of you as possible, quickly. Roy and I had a WONDERFUL time at the reunion. Thank you all for such fond memories. I was very touched by your kindness and enthusiasm at seeing me. 

Since this was my first reunion with all of you in 35 years, I was taken back by the "love and admiration" we all had for one another. 

I also would like to thank you all for your kindness towards Roy. You have no idea how much it meant to me. 

Write and keep in touch when you get the time. You don't have to keep reading me out for staying away so long...God knows you all gave me plenty of that while we were there. I promise to do better in the future. My love and best wishes to all of you.  

Can't thank you enough for making this all possible. And my thanks to Henry and Pinky as well. Yes the whole event was magical for me. You are absolutely right about our tour of "Convention Hall". We ARE part of the history of that great landmark. I can remember back then being so proud to be a part of the "tradition" of Ice Capades all summer long. 

Seeing old friends after 35 years certainly brought that "warm, fuzzy" feeling back to my heart. Memories to share with others and new ones brought back into focus. What a treat. 

Hope to hear from you soon... Thanks again. Roy and I both, had a great time. Ron(nie) Burns  P.S. don lowry...get a computer!!! 

I'm safe in saying that everyone had great admiration and appreciation for your imagination and endurance to help all of us relive a fantastic piece of our beautiful past. There aren't enough words to express what you created for us.

A most humble thank you my dear. You actually recreated some history for all of us. I LOVED IT!!!. I'll buy, steal whatever to have all of the memory's from those 2 beautiful days.

While I am completely exhausted, I still have the memories of those 2 days in my mind and the love we have for each other still lingers in my heart. How blessed we are to be able to hold those friends in our hearts for all of these years and still when happening upon each other it becomes yesterday...
I hope you realize that the three of you were able to accomplish this for all of us.

 My eternal thanks.  Love,   Bob (Turk)

My name is Deborah Sooy, I am writing on behalf of my mother Geraldine McCarthy Sooy.  She read the article in the Atlantic City Press this morning and had to call me because she had no idea there was a reunion here in town.  Please keep my mother's name for any future lists.  My mother was in the show in the late 40's.  She was in the show with her two sisters, Nona and Lynette McCarthy.  Her father was Red McCarthy who was in the show in the early years of Ice Capades.  My uncle, Michael McCarthy was in the show in the 60's.  My aunt Nona, and my mother are all that is left of the family.  Please any information for any future reunions can be emailed to me.  My mother is living in Brigantine, and my Aunt Nona is living in Orange County, Ca.  

Thank you from my mother for not forgetting the lovely people that so enjoyed performing for everyone in the show. 

thank you,  Deborah Sooy []

Good Morning Gloria .......feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails today ,,,the blues have come to get me ..........

Gloria ,,,I for one ..enjoyed this special mini reunion .....which turned out to be the One with a lot of Heart ........I actually feel sorry for those who missed it ,,,,,,This one really was the one to touch your soul ..................thank you so very much .................we did have a ball didn't we............ ,,,did not want to get up this morning ,,,and now I know why ,,,,,I feel so let down ......wish we were all back in A.C. together ....

Love ya ,,,Henry (Seguin)  

Thank you so much for all your hard work but you are right about something happening at Convention Hall - I will always try my hardest  to keep it touch with everyone forever. We did share lives and my love goes out to everyone. Take care and I shall see you soon! Love Liz (Taylor)  XO 


Although I did not perform at Convention Hall, I spent every summer of my childhood at Ice Capades rehearsals, shows, cast parties and the Church.  I learned the choreography, memorized the music and fantasized about wearing the magnificent costumes.  When I was old enough, I got a job as an usher so that I could be at the show every night.  And always, I dreamed about being one of the beautiful people gliding so gracefully and bringing so much joy to the audience. 

Walking into Convention Hall with the reunion attendees brought back my childhood memories and I could remember every detail of the way it looked and felt when The Show was in town.  Even the smell of Convention Hall and the underground parking garage brought back memories of my youth and Ice Capades.  (As you may know, I finally realized my fantasy and had the honor of being an Ice Capette for 3 tours, albeit not in time to be able to perform in my hometown of Atlantic City.) 

For me, the reunion was magical.  Although few of my contemporaries were in attendance, others, the skates of whom I daydreamed about filling some day, were there to share their stories and experiences.  When I signed up to attend the reunion I believed that I would be attending to “catch up” and reminisce with the Ice Capades family that existed during my tenure, but I received a much greater gift—I became part of a larger Ice Capades family that began in the 1940s and lives on today.  It was not just a reunion—it was a union. 

To my new family, I will forever cherish your memories as well as my own.  And may I point out from my eavesdropping on conversations; not much really changed between the 1940s and the 1990s.  Rehearsals, costume drama, travel days, weigh-ins, pranks, complaints, laughter, tears, friendships and love and loss thereof, it seems to me that no matter when you toured or what position you held, although the details may vary we all experienced the same. Ice Capades. – Nanette (Horner) 

Hearing from so many people since I've comes with the knowledge that everyone had such a wonderful time, Glo !

You did an amazing job - certainly a time I will never forget.

May the next 4 years pass by swiftly and safely for everyone.

Thanks again for all you did !

I think of you so often - and my thoughts are filled with smiling faces and a wealth of love from people who mean so much to each other.

It was incredible -  Love, Steve (Williams) 

I can't begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was with the turn out. And oh my God it was so nice to see everyone who was there again. Even talking to Randa, George Foster and Auntie Emm (Dan Eastburn, oops sorry Eastman!) on the phone was a high point.... 

Glenda, Faye and Louise and everyone else who didn't come for one reason or another sure missed the best damn reunion ever. I even enjoyed the history lesson I received from David Sadleir about the Arab people and the war and was sorry we were interrupted for picture taking. (I'm serious, I did enjoy it!!, he was always interesting to talk to and nothing has changed there!!) Seeing Ronnie Burns again after all those years was wonderful too, it just melted my heart to see how wonderfully happy he looks....Isn't it funny how after all the years everyone pretty much just goes on from where they left off, like there was no time interruption between visits. 

I had a fabulous time, (am I repeating myself?) my heart is welling, seeing everyone again after all these years of putting the past behind me sure gave a lift to my spirits. From meeting the gals who skated in the 40's & 50's, the tour of Convention Hall, the talk, the laughter, to just plan seeing Turk and his contagious smile and laughter, I have no words to explain what I felt, maybe warm all over would do it. For me talking to Pete Tyrell Jr. was a highlight too, we talked about all the old timers who use to skate at the Arena, and had lots of laughs. What a wealth of information he is....He should write a book!! Maybe call it "Rink Rat" haha! 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard, hard work, you deserve every pat on the back you got and then some.....The web page is a thing of beauty.   Everything was fabulous and I love I stole the "Welcome Ice Capades" sign on my way out the door.....I think I was tipsy from washing my mouth out with wine!! I'm sure the Atlantic City Cuba Libre Police are after me!! 

And to those who didn't make it, well, they just picked the wrong reunion to miss, to bad so sad....their loss. It was the best time EVER and I don't think it can be topped, that is unless YOU do the next one! 

Even though the tail lights have moved away from the field it is a time that will be remembered always as the BEST!! You should be very, very proud of yourself and satisfied with all of it!!  You are aren't you?? 

Pinky (Pat) Forbes 

When the idea came up to put a reunion together in Atlantic City, Pinky came up with a new nickname for me  – Kevin, as in Costner as I told her that what we were going to do was to set a date, find a hotel and keep our fingers crossed that ‘they would come’, as in the movie, Field of Dreams.   It took awhile, but we finally started to see the headlights of the cars heading into Atlantic City for our amazing but memorable weekend.   I can’t begin to explain how we felt and how we feel now that it’s over.   You had to be there.  When we walked into Convention Hall, we were a group of people who had worked together, spanning from the 1940’s to the 1990’s who were seeing where we had worked together years before, but when we left the building, we realized that we had been a part of something bigger than the Hall itself, our memories came flooding back and when we left, we became a ‘family’ again and that’s how the rest of the weekend went – great love and admiration for everyone who was there.   Taking a walk around the city, having a ‘to die for’ Cheesesteak Sub from the Whitehouse , or eating a still greasy but delicious pizza from the Baltimore Grill, to seeing where we lived on No. Florida Avenue with the Ford’s, brought back so many memories of our time in AC.   I am grateful for everyone one who took the time out of their busy schedule to be with us.   With each reunion, no matter where we have it, we manage to ‘find’ a few more – Danielle, Ronnie, Janette – now added to our list of ‘found’ and happily will certainly join us again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen.  Until the next one…..and there will always be a next one.   

Love,  Gloria (Lor) Spoden 

Gloria, I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated all the up-dates, the returned e-mails, and the endless hours you spent putting all the paper work together.  Thank you Pinky & Henry for making this reunion fun.   Gloria for all the past photos & the show music as we entered your room to pick up our packets. 

Atlantic City was the perfect place to host a reunion like this.  It was more than anyone could imagine, especially the trip to Convention Hall (it will always be Convention Hall).  I will always use the parking garage at the Hall just so I can tell who ever is with me that I know that girl in the ceiling (Pinky).  This was my first reunion and definitely not my last.  I so enjoyed meeting Henry & Skip.  (I’m so in Like with you two.)  Turk, you were so funny, can’t stop laughing at your stories. (I have more Holiday On Ice/Ice Follies stories the next time I see you.)  David, what a great job of taking the pictures & maybe next time we will have more time to talk about those other stories.  To all my old friends and new, you all look great and not a day over 20.  Ronnie & Roy, thanks for teaching me to be a better Bitch yet still care.  Can’t wait to get together.  Liz take care of your health.  Danielle, get e-mail.  Nicole, I give you credit for holding out 13 years, you go girl.  Pete, get married, enough with the waiting.  Lori, what a small world.  Too bad we didn’t figure out who we were sooner.  Debbie, you’re still funny.  Can’t believe you stayed 18 years.  Good for you.  I could go on but we may age by 1 year.   

To all my new friends – family can’t wait to see you.  To all my new-old friends, like we never left.  I do need to mention the love of my life, STEVE, do I need to say anything there.  We were running around like old times,  finishing each others sentences, rooming together, I LOVE YOU. 

Sandy, you are still as funny as ever.  I couldn’t wait to see you, now I can’t wait till we get together again, we didn’t have enough time.  Last thought, even though Ice Capades does not physically exits, it’s still alive in each and every one of us, it lives and breathes through us.  Write and don’t be strangers.  I had the best time of my life.  Thank you for everything.

Love to all.  Janette (Jane, Janet, Janette Susanne, Jan Novak, Janette Lopez)

P.S  The passport people did call and wanted to know which name I would like to appear on my passport.

Dear Gloria, Pinky and Henry,

I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to go to Atlantic City for an Ice Capades reunion. Part of me was curious to see the hotels and casinos, but that was about it. It was the curious part of me that made me decide to go. I will be forever grateful that I made that decision.

First of all, Glo, Pinky and Henry, you did a wonderful job in coordinating our reunion and it could not have gone smoother. The Tropicana was a beautiful hotel and the service and accommodations were great. I would go back there anytime.

Once I arrived in A.C., everyone I saw, whether we had seen each other at previous reunions, or not at all, we all became silly, crazy, teenagers once again, and our friendships seemed to start where we last ended. What could be more comfortable than that???

When we all showed up at Convention Hall, even after being up most of the night before, it was magical. I will always remember us seeing the new, updated areas, but what will stand out in my mind is walking out onto the stage, looking at where the ice would have been, and the seats for the audience, there was a "gasp" and a lot of silence from us (for once), it was like we all went into shock and into our own memories. I know I got chills throughout my body, and I wasn't alone. It was awesome, and you had to be there to appreciate the magnitude of it. THEN, when we went upstairs for lunch, overlooking the "ice area" and audience, eating Whitehouse Subs, it was very quiet, like we were all in a trance, deep in our own thoughts.

I never thought I would get so emotional, but I did, and I was not alone.

It was also great to have time to visit with long, lost friends. Because the group was smaller than in the past, we got to know each other all over again, and in our present lives. It was very special. I will treasure it forever.

To the people who did not attend, you missed a wonderful weekend. To our 3 organizers, you cannot get enough credit for this. I tip my hat to you all.

Love, Sandy Norwall Phillips

Hi Gloria, 

Thank you for your kind words! We, too, had a wonderful time with you and everyone else who took the time for an Atlantic City visit. It was definitely one of more fun groups we've welcomed into the Hall. It was so nice to read some of their comments, too. This is group of folks who share a very dear and cherished history. Please know we will always welcome any of your Ice Capades alumni who may want to come for an impromptu visit. It is our pleasure to reacquaint them with their old, but beautifully renovated, home. And Atlantic City, as you discovered, is better than ever!  Please give our regards to your gang

Valarie McGonigal
Director of Marketing,
Atlantic City
Convention Center, Boardwalk Hall
2301 Boardwalk
Atlantic City
, NJ 08401
ph. 609-348-7072  fx. 609-348-7230





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