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Dear Gloria,  I haven't commented on the reunion before this,  I enjoyed myself, loved seeing my roommates  again, and realized that I didn't really know that many people that were there .  I was very young when I joined Ice Capades and loved every minute of my time with them, but discovered that I had a very small circle of friends while I skated.  I  have been out of touch for some years but thanks to my roommate Elaine (and good friend) I was able to attend this past reunion in Vegas and had a great time.  The problem with having been in the show in the early 60's is that there aren't that many people still around. 

 Still I had the opportunity to see and meet new people and enjoy the friends I did have.  I would like to say thank you for a great weekend, I know how difficult it is to organize a large event and keep everyone happy, and I appreciate all the work that you and your co-chairman went to.  I would also like to offer my services to you when you plan your next one.  I have lots of time and ideas to share and would love to be involved however you need people.

Thanks again for a great time, and adding to my memories of Ice Capades
Penny Owens, 62/63

Much thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make such a fantastic reunion. Words cannot describe.....

Patty Harms (Big P)

You all are the absolute best....we are all so blessed to have benefited from your tireless efforts and generosity.

Thanks a million times over!
Love, JoJo

Same message, 100 times over from me too!!!
Like Patty, there are no words.....thank you so much!  

Sonia (Burling) Polson

Ditto! Thank you so much for putting the reunion together. It was fantastic!

Ronny Pomeroy Stewart

Hi Gloria, 

You and your committee did the most awesome job with the reunion…it was so wonderful that I hardly have words except….


Once again I just wish to say that you made my year with this incredible reunion you and Ken put together.  This was my first reunion and I intend for it not to be my last!  It was absolutely perfect! 


Jan Smith 

This was one of the BEST re-unions ever!! You should be awarded "Gold Medals".

Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a re-union you put on!

If anyone should dare critize one little thing....I'll knock them down flat! I'm sure it's a relief for you guys that it's over and you can rest easy now. 

With love and appreciation,

Pat Yeates-Ursetta & Joe Setta 

Gloria - You did a fantastic job.   Thank you.   Susan Weiner (Weenie) Kreibich 

Thank you reunion committee.  You did an awesome, professional job.  It's almost impossible to believe that there were only 3 of you on the committee and that you managed to put together an event that left no stone unturned.  You guys are amazing!!! 

Lauri Goldsmith Tepper__._,_.___

Ditto L's comment an amazing event, your hired.....
Tina Louise Penn 

Gloria, made my life come full circle in a swoop! When speaking to my mother she had said that she was in the show with "CHARLES SANFORD". Charlie and Betty Sanford are my God Parents.

This link to IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0762547/) will give you an idea of who Charlie was to "Ice Capades" and to me as he and his wife took me with to get his closing night gift, East Co. 67 or 68?

Following the party and in the car I had boldly stated that that was what I was going to do! Become a skater (I liked the different colored skates)? This was at 5 or 6. I waited a matter of weeks and North Hollywood Ice Capades Chalet opened and from there forward I moved.

Mr. Turk, I was honored to have you sign my mother's Ice Capades jacket (along with the many others) and that you were the FIRST to do so. I am having all of the names permanently treated in some fashion to preserve them all! Also, mother and I have decided to bring the "Tiffany box, bag and jacket" to the next re-union so that all may be included? Time was so brief.

And to Bobby for those incredible "Petty Girl" photo's. They will always hang in my home and it is in my will..."I do not go in the ground without my GIRLS!

Lastly, Kenny I love you! When I grow up, can I be just like you?

Thank you to the many not mentioned, but that made the re-union dear and special for all!

Love...was ,is, and I guess after this last weekend Tommy Howard? 

Gloria, thank you so much for a fabulous reunion. We all had a great time and so appreciate everything you, Ken and Stephan put into making this happen.  

With aloha,
Terri, Chris, Carole and Glenda

I just watched the street dance and tears came to my eyes.  I'm so sorry I couldn't have been there to join all of you.  But thanks for making it real for me through you many e-mails.  Maybe I'll be able to make the 2020, 80th reunion.  Wow! 80 years.  It still doesn't seems as long as a three-show day.

Gene (Francis) Janowski 65-69
(773) 539-1803

Gloria, Ken, Stephan and the rest of the reunion organizers:

What an amazing job you did and I commend you for your efforts! My stay in Vegas was magical with my husband, family and friends.

Thank you for your wonderful gift: A spectacular event.

I am looking forward to the 75th Reunion which is DIAMONDS!!!!

All my best,

Patricia (Patty Davis) Gur

Hi Gloria:

Great job on the reunion, I am so sorry I could not attend this time.  The street Dace was fabulous, good for Randy.  Hope all is well.

Laurie Balmer

LB Advertising & Associate


There's No Business Like Show Business"

   and no friends like Ice Capades friends

  I cried into my pillow last night that it is all over

Thanks to everyone that helped make this reunion the trip of a lifetime for me

       I had such a good time with the friends I toured with

                    And made so many new friends of all ages

                        "There's No People like Show People"

                                Best wishes to you all

                             See you in 5 years (or hopefully before?)

                                                Lilli(an) Buell

                                                    Camp Hill, PA

This is Terry Derfield's brother writing for her. She wanted to tell you what a great job you did, and how much she enjoyed herself. She says you should plan the next reunion for San Francisco (her hometown)
Frank Derfield

HI Everyone...

Words almost escape me to describe how happy and filled with great memories I have from this week's reunion. And, for me... as a writer, etc... to be at a loss for words is pretty unusual - so mark this day on your calendars as an historic event. LOL !

It was incredibly amazing to see so many old lifelong friends... and  to make so many new wonderful ones as well. The reunion was filled with memories, fun, excitement and so much more... thanks to ALL of you.

Thanks also, big time... to our wonderful organizing committee of Gloria, Ken and Stephan for perhaps the best reunion yet, in my opinion. Also, big thanks to our wonderful Sue "Packy" Packard for all her work to make the event fun for us all... and my prayers, OUR prayers go out to her and her Mom.

It was a pleasure and honor to be your emcee for the dinner gala... and thanks to you all for your support, laughter and kind compliments afterwards. I really wanted to do a good job entertaining you... my great friends , old and new.

Again... THANKS TO EVERYONE for an experience I'll never, ever forget.

Much love to all... and, of course - we will definitely stay in touch until the next reunion.

God bless.

Tim Estiloz
Ice Capades - East / West company

A million thanks to you and all your helpers who put together such an amazing event!

Ginny Lettengarver-Rawson

Mahalo to everyone for a great Family time, but a special Mahalo to Gloria, Valerie, Sue, Ken, and Stephan.

Pictures will go here http://gg-1.smugmug.com/Theater/Ice-Capades/Ice-Capades-70th-Reunion/12626341_a9YwQ#907270969_twWr3 as I can get them up. While in Vegas I bought my first home, Will be moving there at end of July.

East Co 76-77 + Honolulu Local Crew__._,_.___

Hi Gloria:

Wow...wasn't that a party!!  This was the BEST EVER!  You guys deserve a great big accolade!  Everything was so well organized!  I went right from the Registration desk to the rehearsal dance, then onto the Meet & greet, then to Memorabilia room.  Then...OMG it was time to get ready for the Cocktail party!  The hourdervers and dinner were wonderful, also, the photographer was always "there".  Had such a wonderful time re-visiting with old "gypsies" from the "50's.  There aren't too many of us left now, but we still remember our big family.

The Dance, dinner, everything went so well.  Give yourself and all that were part of putting this together, a Great Big Hug!  Great Job!!  Can't thank you enough.

Donna Marsden


Thanks so much Steven, Gloria, Kenny and all who attended! The reunion was awesome! I can not wait until our 75th. Had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones!
Lori Martin Elliott

Thank you so much, Stephan, Gloria and Ken as well as every single person that attended!
        What a wonderful time and now a wonderful memory. I have never felt so much Love for all the people that I worked with and for and the times we all spent together on the road. I only wish I could have stayed longer and enjoyed Tuesday evening’s events. But everybody made Sunday and Monday very full for me.
        I have spent years, with the memories of the show whizzing around in my head since I left the show in ‘84 and for some reason to this day still dream of skating in the show. And to this day it’s still hard for me to watch shows because I miss it, maybe too much. After being at the reunion now I truly know why. You people were and are great and you will always be my family.

        I have two sons of which for the last 13 years I sing to at night. Their favorite song I do for both I would like to dedicate to everyone I worked with and worked for Ice Capades, IN MY LIFE by the Beatles! Please don’t imagine me singing it for your own good!!! But the Beatle doing it.

        I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to say Hi to all the people I care and cared so much for, but you are always in my Heart!

Thank you everyone and I’ll try and keep in touch with as many of you as I can. Love you all!

Richard Ewell
Ice Capades, West, East and Continental Companies---1972-1984

Dear Gloria, 

I just wanted to personally offer a special "Thank You" to you, Ken ,and Stephan for the amazing job you all did in organizing and delivering a very special 70th Reunion of "Ice Capades". We all had such an amazing time and just wanted to let you know that all of your time and efforts are and were greatly appreciated.  


David Malpass & Drew Cervantes


Dear Gloria, Stephan & Ken, 

Congratulations on organising an absolutely incredible reunion! 

We know the amount of work involved and we hope that the result has made it all worthwhile for you. 

It was a joy from start to finish and we personally loved the emphasis on the Frozen Old Farts of the earlier days. 

You made the Glamour Live Again and we thank you and salute you. 


Terry & Gie.=

It gave me great pleasure seeing you again. I was in great joy to see the results of the hard work that you and Gloria invested in this project. It was more than I could have imagined. You made everyone feel so special. You made everyone feel like stars...again.

The only regret is that I did not have more time to spend with Gloria to learn how great she really is. And Kenny, you will always be "Ice Capades Sweetheart"

Greatly appreciating you both,
Fernando (forever Continental) 

Gloria kudo’s to you and your team. The reunion looked absolutely wonderful and sorry I missed it this time around.. Certainly living it through the pics and video however ..congratulations  - Carolyn Hartling Michaels

This was my first time at the reunion after leaving the Show in 1984. I truly am so glad I went and reunited with so many wonderful friends! Congratulations for such a huge successful event (Ken, Gloria and Stephan) You made my memories come alive and I am grateful for all the hours and hard work you put into this along with so many others. - Rozann Giuffre-Tourtellott SMITH.

I know I personally thanked each of you who were at the reunion but I just wanted to publicly thank you again for an absolutely fabulous event!  Also, a special thank you to Packy for all your hard work behind the scenes!  As I currently work in an administrative capacity, I know just how much effort goes into coordinating all those details and from what I saw, you did a phenomenal job!

 I’ve been sharing all the pictures and stuff with Art since I got back home and hindsight being 20/20, we should have made other arrangements for the girls so he could have been there too.  Lesson learned…we will both be there next time!

Again, many thanks to the reunion committee and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this event so successful!  I look forward to seeing you all again (and seeing those who couldn’t be there this time) at the 75th!      -  Chris Jones

Hi Gloria,

Just a short note to say a Big Thank You for the great reunion you put together with Ken and Stephan, I had such a wonderful time, and to see all the excitement, happiness, and fun that filled those two parties was unbelievable, just the best,
you are special to all of the Ice Capades Family.  Hope you have had some time to get back to normal, thanks for the emails with all the info and pictures, take care,

Richard Dwyer 

Congratulations! We were so impressed with all the detail that you thought of which made the reunion absolutely the BEST yet. I loved the excitement of the cocktail party and the venue was great. The banquet room was beautifully decorated and the food was delicious. You all deserve the biggest HOORAH and we want you to know that we really appreciated all your hard work. I wish we could have stayed at the hotel but I was in the middle of real estate transaction and the driving back and forth made it a little hectic.

Love Gerty & George

I know that I mentioned this earlier...but I am sure that it was so close to our departure from the reunion that most must not have gotten a chance to comment as I am sure that if noticed all would have?

Mr. Recker's "Petty Girl" prints in our swag bag was truly the BEST gift that I have ever received in such a bag. I qualify this statement by saying that I have been to many red-carpet events and this gift touched me so and will always be something other than item in a swag bag.

It was given from the heart!

Thank you to all, but to you my friend a very special thank you for such a wonderful gift that will always bring fond and wonderful memories into my home where they will always hang!


Thomas Mark McKusick
Tom (Tommy Howard)

Ken, Gloria & Stephan, 

It was so wonderful to finally meet the 3 of you!  Mahalo nui loa, merci beaucoup, grazie, etc. etc. etc. from the bottom of my heart for your enthusiasm and effort in organizing ALL the events of our 70th reunion - we "unpacked our memories & relived the glamour" for sure!  A JOB WELL DONE!!! 

Now, I/we look forward to what you folks will have in mind for our "Diamond" anniversary in 5 years...remember, at our age time flies by quickly, so 2015 is just around the corner...hahaha! 

Also, my thanks to all the volunteers & others behind the scene for their contribution and dedication! 

Till then, wishing ALL good health in the coming years! 

With sincere gratitude,

Corazon Ross/West 73-76

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful reunion and joyous experience. It was the first reunion I have attended, but not my last.
What a  great couple of days - so well organized! Thank you for all your hard work. It was
'S Wonderful,  'S Marvelous!

I hope you all are taking a well deserved rest. Happy 4th of July! See you in 2015-

Barb Lamson Schmidt (West 73-74) 

I have been home in Chicago over a week and I still can’t get over what a great reunion Ice Capades 70th was. I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Kenny, Gloria, Stephan and everyone who attended the 70th Ice Capades reunion. I feel like we’re the lucky ones. Not only did we experience life on the road with “the show,” but we’re still on this planet able to celebrate it appropriately, in Las Vegas with pirates! Even though the show is no longer with us this reunion was so well put together that it brought Ice Capades back to life for three wonderful days and nights. It was so much fun. Thanks again Kenny, Gloria, Stephan and all the wonderful people who shared the love of Ice Capades.

 Will Grendahl, Ice Follies 1969-70, Ice Capades 1971-74 

There is no way to thank you for the incredible experience at the 70th Anniversary Reunion. Had a wonderful surprise connecting with the two gals who were my original roommates – Penny White and Sharon Kawolski – what a thrill. Jim and I were so excited to see friends of the 60’s. Felt like we needed so much more time to visit, etc. as it all went too fast. Hope you all have had a much deserved rest and that you know you made dreams come true. We were once again reminded how fortunate we all were to be a part of this wonderful  ‘event’ –

ICE CAPADES. Jim and Jennifer Custer

HI Ken and Gloria -

THANK YOU BOTH so much for a wonderful reunion.

Thanks SO MUCH for an incredibly memorable reunion... SO MANY people who were unable to make it (and have heard about this one) are so sad and regretful they missed it.  That is sad, but also a testament to the wonderful job you all pulled off. 

It was more than a reunion... for many, most... if not all... it was a deeply emotional experience too. 

THANK YOU and anything I can do to help... never hesitate to ask. 

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the experience itself. 


Hi Gloria,

Thanks again for everything. The three of you and your sister did such an outstanding job and it was the best reunion ever. You guys went above and beyond with every little detail. By the way the food was awesome and everyone was raving the whole time. We all enjoyed ourselves so much and had so much fun spending time with everyone. 

Chris (Wood) Rendeiro 

Dear Gloria, Stephan and Ken and to all those who helped to make that weekend another memorable one!! 

Thank you so much for all the hard work over such a long period of time!  The weekend was fabulous with all the glitz and glamour of the past!  It is wonderful to relive those days even if it is for just a weekend.  I just loved it!  It was very well organized as usual and the gala "ball" was everything we had all hoped for!! 

Kudos to all!!!

Looking forward to the 75th!!

Thanks so much!!

Darlene Polowy... your fellow Canadian!!!! 

Hi Gloria,

Had a great re-union week-end ,visiting with our Ice Capades family & new friends.

God bless you all for your hard work. Loved the street dance. Look foreword to our 75th.

Marion Tomko

Thank You! Thank You ! Thank You!

For a fabulous event, being our first Ice Capade reunion. We had a great time. 

Great seeing all the old gang.

Hope to see you all again in five years. 

Fondest Regards

Darlene (Higgs ) Brown and Bob

1958/59 West 

P/S Randy "you rock " 

Gloria, Stephan and Ken,

We also want to thank you for a fabulous time. Just to see people after 26 years was amazing!

We also made great new friends and are still dancing the street dance with our neighbours.

Darlene and Bob It was so great meeting you and looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!

 Stephan did you get the cute tattoo? 

Miss everyone,

Simone (Fraser) Sooke and Albert Sooke 

Dear Gloria, Ken and Stephan,
I want to thank you for a brilliant reunion. It just seemed to fly by. Looking at all of the pictures, I realized how many people that I did not have time to speak with. I hope the next one is longer! You all worked so hard, and it was much appreciated. It simply could not have been more perfect. My husband, Ray, and my son, Joseph had a wonderful time reliving my past. I will cherish the memories forever, and will always be indebted.

Yours truly,
Dody, Ray and Joe DeMarchi

Just want to say THANK YOU for a GREAT !GREAT!  Reunion! All of you really out did your selves!  

Thank You

Janice W Covington 

Aloha Gloria, Stephan and Ken, 

It has been wonderful seeing all the accolades you have received from so many who attended the reunion and all I can say is a big "ditto" to everything that has been said.  It was simply spectacular!  All your planning fell into place beautifully just like a choreographed production number.   You provided such a terrific opportunity for us to get together as one big family and for that we are eternally grateful.  The reunion's tremendous success reflected all the energy and enthusiasm the three of you invested in this very large project and thank you seems like such an inadequate word to express my gratitude to all of you.  

Mahalo nui loa!! 

Terri “Reuter” Halliday


I met so many people at the reunion. While on tour, I was told so many wonderful stories of individuals I had never had met. These stories were told by my adopted Ice Capades family for that year. Each year, when you'd get a new family, more stories about the same people were told by your newer friends. A few new characters may have been added to the storyline each year. But, after a few years the "Phantom Family" that was developed had become quite large. It was very sad leaving the tour thinking that I may never have an opportunity to meet these people. Until..., 30 years later..., I had the chance to put faces to the wonderful stories once told by friends of days past. I had found that these stories gave me a chance to remember those who are not with us. To bring their spirits back to life recreating the moments, the stories and times that were and still are so dear to all of us.

I can not tell you enough how much I can only imagine to how much hard work you and Gloria had to endure to take on a project of this size. I appreciate the time and effort the two of you put forth to make this event a huge success. Every smile, every hug and every tear would not have been possible without the efforts of you and Gloria. You reminded us as members of Ice Capades, of how much we ARE a family.


Haven't said anything yet  Ken:  It was the best time I've had in years.

Thank you

Mary Jane Mayes Peachman 

Would just like to say what a great success the reunion was, thanks to all the hard work and planning that went into it.  The idea of the different decades was great as you got to see many friends that were lost in the crowd at the last one

Lets hope that you feel inclined to arrange the next one as it far surpassed the last one

Thank you once again to you and all your helpers for making it so very enjoyable

Yours sincerely

Maureen Butterworth 

Thanks again to all of you for arranging such a spectacular event!  I had forgotten (almost) just how much everyone means to me....and I left with a full heart.  It was so emotional and so wonderful to "relive the glamour".  There are just no words to suffice how grateful I am! 

All my very best, 

Julie Savay Ross (JuJu - West Co 78/79)

Hi Gloria,

I just wanted to add my personal thank you to you  and your family for making this reunion so great.  It far exceeded all expectations.  What was amazing was the diverse group of people who were all having a great time as is evident by all the happy faces reflected in the photos.  Bob Turk focused on following your dreams.  We all started out with that first pair of skates and an idol to emulate and realized the dream while we skated professionally.  What an exceptional group of people we were to have achieved our dreams to one degree on another as we roamed around the world.  

Our group of Pat Ursetta and Roberta Harris and the Brinks have already met for lunch to exchange photos. 
This reunion has pulled us together like no other.  How lucky we are to have this skating family.  I am on my way to Ottawa to visit my Canadian family and will expose them to all the pictures on the internet and especially the street dance.

I cannot help reiterating what a great job you did with the organization and keeping the spirit going.

All the Best

from Claudia Lattin (Rademacher)

































































































































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