Consumer Meat Preferences

It Can't Be Fresher than from the FarmGateIn the area in and around Ottawa Canada, the rural producers are able to produce a wide variety of different types of protein sources. 

To help reduce the risk of over or under producing, they need to know what consumers want to buy.

We have listed nearly every type of meat that is
locally produced and sold here in the Ottawa Canada region.

Please Help the Producers  - They would like to know your preferences.

Meat Preferences???
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To see who grows and sells   your preferences.... just click on the crop

Meat -                                                     Do you use buy these meats ~~~~? A Lot Some Not at All
Fish - Fresh
Fish - Frozen
Guinea Hen
Meat -                                                     Do you use buy these meats ~~~~? A Lot Some Not at All
Other -     Please Print 
Other 1  - Please Print 
Other 2  - Please Print 
Vegetables* Go to the Vegetables Preference Chart - - -
Apple Variety Preference Chart - - -
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Consumers only please !
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If you are a producer or seller of meat and would like to see the submissions just click on
tdc Marketing and Management Consultation
to e-mail your request.

If you are a FarmGate producer and want to have your farm listed as a producer
of any or some of the listed crops then
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