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Primary Products Producers' Harvest Chart  Listing

The following form should be used by primary products producers who would would like their farmgate listed as a producer of specific products as seen on  the FarmGate harvest chart.

If you want your FarmGate listed - Please Submit the Following Information

Name                                          Required

FarmGate Name                      

e-Mail                                          Required

telephone                                  Required

Address#1                                 Required


Muncipality Closest                Required

Province                                    Required

Postal Code                              Required

    Please Provide Directions to Your FarmGate from the
    Closest Eastern Ontario Muncipality -  Required

Please provide a list of crops where you want to be listed as a
producer. See the FarmGate Harvest Chart to see the crops

    that can be listed... If your crop is not there, don't worry.
We will add it to the harvest chart.


Fee Schedule for all of   the year 2000

Number of      Crop Selections

Includes all Applicable Taxes Check the One
1- 5 $ 50.00
6- 10 $ 75.00
11- 20 $100.00
21 + $125.00

You will be listed when a viewer clicks on the primary product
and also on the map location

Submit the form and then call our toll free number 1 877 292-3555
and tell us your Name, 
MasterCard Number, Expiry Date  and Name on the Card.

If you get an answering machine message, the information can be left.
or for local calls  342- 0639


If you are comfortable in sending your MasterCard Number via the Internet
then fill in the following form and submit it via e-mail

Name on Card             example - Lee M. Cardholder

Expiratory Date    
example - 01/02 (we need at 4 digits)

Card Number              

                 example  -    5412      3456        7890    1234


Payment can be made also be made by cheque payable to
L&G Tourism Development Corporation
and sent to

L&G Tourism Development Corporation
117 King Street East
Suite #2
Brockville Ontario K6V 1B7

Your listing should appear in about one or two days after you payment is confirmed.
We will inform you via e-mail that your listing is on the FarmGate Site


                         Thank You for taking the time to fill in our application form                     

Questions or inquiries:
Email: tdc Marketing and Management Consultation

Toll Free 1 -  877 292- 3555


Phone: 613 342 - 0639

Please Visit

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