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Hey -   What do you think about the state of the public latrines, water closets ,
washrooms in  schools,  restaurants and gas stations in and around the world ?

Are you tired of walking into a restaurant or gas station and
asking to use the facilities  only to find them fifthly. 
 Well here is a chance to send me an image of the best and most interesting.  

tdc's  Washroom Images provides you the opportunity to send images of
the best and most interesting public washrooms that you have seen
from anywhere around the world.

Submit your image using form under our gallery of public washroom images
and we will post it on this site.


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Here is a sign found in the Womens' Washroom
at the Fulford Estate Museum in Brockville Ontario Canada

Sign found at Ryerson University in Toronto
Is this the future of washroom privacy?

We prefer to get these images in .jpg format and not be more
than 100 k in memory size.

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Sitting Pretty: The History of the Toilet
July 18 - Sept 9, 2007

Guelph Ontario Canada's Minden Museum's most attended exhibit has arrived at the Minden Hills Cultural Centre. No one can deny that the toilet is an exceedingly important feature of our lives. Yet how many people can trace its history? This exhibition explores this theme through interactive components that show the development of the toilet from the very first chamber pot, to the outhouse to the invention of the toilet itself. Answer the age old question "Does the paper come off the top of the roll or the bottom?" Have some laughs while learning.

This exhibition is part of the Traveling Exhibition Partnership Project collaborative. Guelph Civic Museum, the creator of this exhibition, gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Mr. Rooter Plumbing and the Department of Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program.



Generally Clean and Shiny
No Paper on the Floor
Lots of Toilet Paper
Fresh Cut Flowers
Continuous Cleaning Systems
Antimicrobial soap
No-Touch Soap and Towel Dispensers
Baby Changing Table
Attendant Present
Pleasant Odour
Posts Cleaning Schedule
Locks that Work
Graffiti Free
Clean Mirrors
Smoke Free
Clean Toilets and Sinks
Bright and Well Lit
Floors and Walls Spotless
No Stairs
Good Signage For Directions To
Bug Free
Burning Candles
Free Soaps and Perfumes
Soft Comfortable Couches
Quiet Music
Cloths Hooks in the Stalls
Free Matches
Pictures on the Walls
Toilet Seat Covers
Handicap Accessible

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