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Mandarin Olgivie Restaurant


"Tasty, delicious, perfectly cooked veggies, no MSG, an excellent selection of dishes, some great dim sum dishes, nice decor, clean and friendly helpful staff", are just some of the words and key phrases that come to mind when describing the Mandarin Ogilvie. 

Mandarin Ogilvie located in Ottawa's East End quite close to the St Laurent Shopping Centre  at  1137 Ogilvie Rd, is not one of those huge big city Chinese restaurants with white tablecloths that are decorated with gold and red dragons and who serve dim sum.  They are a small restaurant with catering to both Asian and Caucasian people living in the east end of Ottawa with tables covered with paper and cloth table covers.


Getting help - ordering our dinner 

In February 2013, four of us visited the Mandarin Ogilvie to celebrate Chinese New Years. A reservation was made 4 weeks in advance assuring us of a table in their well lit Asian decorated dining room.  It was decided beforehand that ordering would be done so that we would all share the various dishes from their dinner and dim sum menus. 


What we found was that the service was excellent and when we had questions to ask about the various dishes we had selected, the staff of the Mandarin were eager to help.  When the food arrived the soup (crab meat with white asparagus) was hot, the dim sum dishes were tasty ( in fact the shrimp dumplings were the best I had ever tasted) the steamed fish was cooked to perfection. the noodle dish was average, stir fried snow pea pods were cooked just right with not too much soy and oyster sauce, and the shrimp dish was just a wee bit above average.   


At Mandarin Ogilvie you can get Cantonese, Szechuan, Thai dishes. Their Mandarin menu lists 215 dishes. Anything from soups, appetizers, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, duck, vegetables, noodles. rice, and house specialties,  Their Thai menu has a variety of 47 items including soup, appetizers, salad yum, seafood, curries, noodles and rice.  They also have a Dim Sum menu which you can order those delicious little dumplings. Their Haw Gow was one of the best I have ever seen or tasted. This restaurant does not serve Dim Sum using a cart service so be sure to ask for the Dim Sum menu when you come in.  Check Out - How to Order Chinese Food.


I have only eaten in this restaurant one time and want to go back to enjoy the quality of the food served.  There seemed to be right for my taste properly spiced for my aging taste buds The dish sizes were average not too big, not too small with neat presentations.  Ordering one dish per person plus a few dim sum dishes would be just about right.




The Mandarin Ogolvie is not a big restaurant and has limited seating. If you plan to come, do make a reservation or you might end up waiting for up to an hour for a seat. 


And don't eat before you come. 


Eating at the Mandarin Olgivie is a great introduction to real Chinise Cuisine.


If you are interested in their selections and prices.... Check out below for their menus. 


Rating:  4 Stars out of 5 


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Mandarin Ogilvie Menus on Line: | Menu On Line |


Mandarin Ogilvie
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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