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Eastern Ontario Rural Revolution

In Eastern Ontario there is a revolution being carried on by rural residents against growing 
bureaucratic control of privately owned land and marketing practices been carried out
by vendors of Farmers' Markets.

On October 6, 2005 the Leeds and Grenville Chapter of the Rural Revolution protested against Ontario
Health Units imposing unfair safety regulations and targeting Farmers' Markets in Eastern Ontario.

The protestors set up a Farmers' Market across the street from the Health Unit building in
Brockville Ontario from 8.00 am until noon.

Here are some of the images recorded by tdc's FarmGate.

Leader Randy Hillier Being Confronted By the Brockville Police
 (see tdc's FarmGate interview with Randy Hillier )

Randy Hillier was born in Ottawa in 1958 and has lived in Lanark County for 22 years. He is a licensed construction electrician. He has a degree in electrical engineering technology and worked for eight years as a project manager with the federal government. 

Hillier is the founder and president of the Lanark Landowners Association and has assisted in creating the Glengarry Landowners,
 Hastings County Property Rights Association and the Leeds & Grenville Landowners Association. 

Police Negotiating with Hillier to Clear the Road

Supporters in the Middle of the Road
In Front of the Health Unit

This Land is Our Land Stage

Rural Revolution Poster 

Protester with Dog

Protester and Dog

Farmers' Market Vendor at the Protest

Police Negotiating with the Protest Group

Health Unit Security Personnel Brockville Police Officers

Some images recorded at the Protest at the Leeds and Grenville District Health Unit
October 6, 2005

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