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"Build an Authentic Cree Teepee"

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With lots of Images of the Cree Village of Chisasibi Quebec


the Famous James Bay Highway



The Miichiwaahp (Teepee)

The teepee is used for everything, a home, cooking, camping for everyday traveling.  
It is easy to set up and this can be done very quickly.

In the past, when people traveled up the river, they used to put up their teepees 
along the river on the way to the trap line.

The materials needed are readily available from nature like the poles, rocks for the fireplace 
and spruce boughs for the floor.  Canvas covers now take the place of caribou hides which
were used in the past. 


Ordering " Build an Authentic Cree Teepee "  CD

Table of Contents - Each CD Contains

How to Build an Authentic Cree Teepee Printable Text Instructions - 4 pages of "step by step" detailed instructions on How to Build An Authentic Cree Teepee
Slide Show How to Build an 
Authentic Cree Teepee - 109 Images recorded when 6 people erect an authentic Cree teepee
Full detailed instructions on the patterns to prepare the canvas for an Authentic Cree Teepee
Images In and Around Chisasibi - 131 images of the people and the surrounding area  A fill out e-Form for to make reservations for your trip of a lifetime to Chisasibi 
Topographical Map of the Area  Around Chisasibi Quebec James Bay Road  to Chisasibi Information - Find out from images and text what you expect to see and do on this famous road of 700 km and one gasoline station..
Title Page Images of a Chisasibi Winter - 19 images taken by Jimmy Sam - Chisasibi Cree Photographer

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