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A Handful of Leaves - Supawan P. Panawong Green

There is only ONE ultimate truth -
“You cannot say this is the Buddhist truth which is different from the Christian truth or the Islam truth.”

If you are “the ultimate truth seeker”, this book is for you as it gives you the perspective on the essence of Buddhism. It features knowledge that every human being must know regarding the supreme goal of life in finding the absolute truth - the crucial knowledge revealed by the Buddha on the night of his enlightenment.

This book is filled with simple words of day to day language, that show the way to find not only the truth but peace in the midst of the turmoil of our inner lives.

The late Venerable Dr. Rewata Dhamma of the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara said:
“Supawan’s explanations on the essence of Buddhism, the nature of Nibbana and on ultimate reality are particularly lucid.”

Brother Nicholas Alan from The Society of Saint Francis said: “It is also a book which is not afraid of saying things which may challenge those within the established religions, especially Buddhism and Christianity.”

Venerable Sumedho of Amarawati, Hamel Hamsted said: “Mrs. Green’s reflection helps us to establish a positive relationship with one another and encourage in us the energy to cultivate an open and responsive attitude to our daily life experiences, our habits and emotions which otherwise might intimidate us and lead to cynicism and negativity.”

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