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Some Excepts from a "Handful of Leaves"

Chapter 1 - What is Buddhism all about?

People who are interested in Buddhism know that the Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths. Some may think that Buddhism is about gaining merit so that one can go to heaven.

Chapter 5 - The Structure of Life

The ultimate goal of life is the same as seeing ultimate truth or ultimate reality which allows us to know what is what. This is the same as entering Nirvana and becoming Phra Arahant permanently, which is also the end of all suffering. This is also the state of returning to the great simplicity or becoming what it is (Ta-tha-ta).

Chapter 7 - Refining the Diamond

The world is preparing to say good bye to the 20th century. Indeed, it has been nearly two thousand years since the birth of Christ as well as his work and his life-sacrifice for humanity. If he physically returned now, he would be very shocked to see that his life sacrifice meant very little to people nowadays. The Christian institution is losing its grip on society. People deny the God to whom Christ introduced them and replace him with the God who has the power of purchase. The spread of consumerism and websites have rapidly destroyed good values and traditions which have been with individual societies for so long. The institution of the family which used to hold society tightly together is being ruined. Religious institutions, which are supposed to be a tower of strength for members of society has been challenged and shaken on a scale that has never happened before.

Chapter 9 - From Genesis to Mahabharata

I have no doubt in the slightest that to be aware of the arising of thought (the third foundation of self-awareness) is the precise action of how not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. This is the warning of God or whoever knew the function of the mind so well that he had to tell people by hiding the true meaning in such ingenious metaphors as the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. The true hidden meaning of these two trees has not yet been revealed properly due to the lack of practice. The know-how is indeed the missing link in the Christian holy book. When the know-how is not clear, people do not understand God’s warning about how not to eat the fruit from the wrong tree. Consequently, we are still eating the poisonous fruits with relish and that’s why we can never get rid of our problems.

Purchase "A Handful of Leaves" in .pdf e-Book Format

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