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Hockey Made Easy - the complete 220 + page Youth Minor Hockey Training Instruction manual, primarily for coaches, parents and young boys and girls 5-12 years of age.  Includes 2000 - easy to read - easy to understand tips - 200 illustrations plus rules, skills, systems and winning strategies.

It teaches skating & edgework, shooting & scoring, passing & receiving, positional play & checking, offensive & defensive play, goaltending skills, power play & penalty killing…

FREE "Parents and Coaches Teaching Guide"


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The 48 page, "Coaches Practice Guide" is for minor and youth hockey coaches of players 5 - 12 years of age. 160 KB  It describes how to run organized practices by rotating small groups of players for different skill instruction using hockey drills and controlled  scrimmages. Selection of Assistant coaches, yearly practice plan overview, 6 complete practice plans, and includes a player evaluation form for forwards, defencemen and goalies.

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The 30 page, "Parents and Coaches Teaching Guide" can be taught either  at home by a parent, at a the rink or a gym by a minor youth hockey coach. Suggested for boys and girls hockey players 5 - 12 years of age. 369 KB  This guide is used for teaching young male or female House League to “AAA” players the skills and rules required to play hockey correctly and safely in just 5 easy sessions.

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The 35 page, "Hockey Seasonal Instruction Training Plan for Minor/Youth Hockey Coaches" 458 KB. Includes running a successful training/tryout camp, skills evaluation and selection of players, teaching basic and complicated skills over the course of an entire hockey season, playoff preparation and a winning strategy.

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Secrets of Scoring Goals   # Ordered 

The 17 page, "Secrets of Scoring Goals" 1562 KB . Includes detailed instructions and diagrams on how to shoot a wrist shot, snap shot, one time slap shot, backhand shot, flip shot, shovel shot, penalty shot, shoot outs and wrap around round shot.  

Scoring secrets - best angles to shoot from, shooting mechanics, tips to help your teams score more goals, secrets for scoring goals, best shooting and scoring areas from on the ice, best scoring locations from on the goalie and a variety of scoring plays.

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Hockey Made Easy Tips   #Ordered   " PRESENTLY NOT AVAILABLE "

To acquire access to the Hockey Made Easy Tips video, written tips and drills web site.

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Shoot to Score  
To acquire access to the Hockey Made Easy Coaching Tools for Smart Phones and tablets which includes 50 + ways to score goals.

Upon completion of processing of the order the purchaser will receive an e-Mail with instructions on how to access the Hockey Made Easy "Shoot to Score" web site which contains 50 + white board diagrams and instructions on how to score for coaches and players.

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