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           Service at the FarmGate

          "keeping them coming back to the farm"

    What is it all about, how can the FarmGate compete
against the retail supermarket grocery stores, 
what can we do that they can't do ?
Service!  Service!  Service!.... is the answer.     

So you have a farm and you work very hard to produce crops.
You want people to come to your FarmGate and buy your crops

What do you do?

tdc Marketing and Management Consultation has put together a
list of things that will keep customers coming back to your FarmGate.

Things Buyers Like to See

A Friendly Smile  smile.gif (241 bytes)   when customers visit
A person who is knowledgeable of the products you are selling
Large signs that name the types of products that are for sale
A parking area designated and signed "For Customers Only"

Regular hours of operation and signage to indicate same

A clean washroom that customers can use.
A trash barrel where customers can pitch their trash
A guest book that people can sign, provide comments  and provide their e-mail address and telephone number
A paper brochure describing your FarmGate that they can take home and give to their friends
Business cards that people can pick up and use as reference to call back.
A bench or chairs where older persons can sit down and relax
Baskets that customers can carry to gather the products they want to buy
A cash register with lots of change on hand
Sheets with recipes and your name and phone number on them to hand out
No offensive barnyard odours (the biggest turnoff)
No rotting or poor quality fruits, flowers,  vegetables, value added products or meat
Price stickers (buyers want to know the price).  Often they are too shy to ask.
A large well maintained name sign at the roadside of your FarmGate
Name and location signs up to two kilometers indicating where the FarmGate is located
A clean, neat area where your products are displayed.
A process whereby poor quality products are removed immediately
A place where children can play while the buyers can look at your products (animals in pens are just great)
A log book where you can note the names of the buyers, what they bought, when they bought it,  quantity and when they have birthdays and special events
Slightly beveled table tops to display your produce and products
Consistency- If your sign says that you are open between 8.30 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday ~~~  make sure that it true.
If you tell or promise a customer make sure that is so... If not,  make sure that the customer is informed.  Customers that are left in the dark go elsewhere.
Neat well segmented presentations of your products with clear large legible signage.
A web site that tells potential customers what products you sell, where you are located, why they should come to your FarmGate, when you are open, and products they can order on-line and be picked up or sent from your FarmGate.
A e-mail Newsletter to valued customers telling them about any news at your FarmGate

I you have other suggestions  or questions please

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