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We have e-Books, Print Books, Posters, Solid Wood Furniture,
Original Water,  Acrylic and Oils Paintings, Art Prints,
 Unique Canadian Made Gifts, Beijing Travel Guide,
 Tree Care Consultation, Land for Sale, Web Site for Sale
 Instructions on How to Build an Authentic Cree Teepee,
Cottages for Rent, A Brockville DVD, a B&B holiday
Fruit Wines,  HOT peppers and  much, much More....    


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smallb1.gif (841 bytes)tdc Web Site Design will design custom web sites that work for businesses.  We have designed sites for
       automobile repair facilities, foreign doctors seeking green card acceptance information, violin maker, cottage
       rental, B&B. ...etc.  We will work closely with our clients to design and promote web sites that actually sell or  
       promote products and services.

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smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Island View Bed and Breakfast located in the 1000 Islands Region in Canada
        wants you to stay  for a stress free holiday away city living.  For those who don't want
        to be tied to a chair, there is always lots to see and do in this region. This Web Site is for Sale!
smallb1.gif (841 bytes)"A Handful of Leaves"  - an amazing e-Book about the essence of Buddhism  
           written by Supawan Green. Now available in .pdf e-Book format, this informative
           book is available to anyone in the world within minutes right to your computer once
           credit card  information is confirmed.  Yes, you can print out the pages.


A Handful of Leaves

smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Arborist - Ecologist Oliver Reichl  An arborist is a specialist in the care of
        individual trees.  Arborists are knowledgeable about the  needs of trees and are
        trained and  equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a positive
        decision that could save your trees and save lots of money.

Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous and expensive work. 

A consulting arborist that is not affiliated with a tree care company is probably the best person to provide unbiased professional opinion about your trees.

Arborist - Ecologist Oliver Reichl

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smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Ruth Lor Malloy's Beijing - A Travel Writer's Guide to One of Her Favorite Cities
         written  in e-Book .pdf format for ease of finding tourism facts about China's Capital.
         Available downloaded from the Net or on a CD.  This 336 page book provides great
         information for persons who wish or are going to travel to Beijing. When purchased
         you receive free " SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR VISITORS to China "

smallb1.gif (841 bytes)The FarmGate Bookstores - We have ethnic cook books, dessert books,     
         gardening books, herb books, books on growing flowers, gardening books,
         greenhouse books, books growing indoor flowers, and books on greenhouse

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smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Cooking for Just Me and Whomever I want to...  - if you live alone or
         know somebody that does this e-Book is the right thing to have on your
         computer's hard drive.  160 plus pages of hints and recipes on how to survive
         when living alone.


Cooking for Just Me and whomever I want to...

smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Build an Authentic Cree Teepee CD - this CD contains detailed instructions
        and 104 images on how the Crees of Chisasibi Quebec Canada build
        teepees.  The CD also has over 130+ images and descriptions of the stark
        beauty of the village and surrounding area of Chisasibi as well as details and 
        images of the James Bay Highway.


smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Hijras -Who We Are - eBook in Adobe .pdf format written by Meena Balaji
         and other eunuchs as told to Ruth Lor Malloy.

Hijras Who We Are

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smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Hockey Made Easy - Canada's Best Hockey Instructional Manual for
        coaches, parents and players of minor - youth hockey. Available in printed and
        e-Book media. Also they have training videos for improving the performance of

Hockey Made Easy

smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Kool Pines Cottages - Cottages for rent in the 1000 Islands Region in 
        Canada by day, week or month. 

smallb1.gif (841 bytes)Dried and Crushed Habanero Chili Peppers orange and green peppers shipped via post
        your door anywhere in North America.  These peppers are really HOT

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