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   Sunday Family

      BBQ Beef Ribs

If you want a crowd pleaser at your next neighborhood BBQ
try delicious BBQ Beef Ribs

Go to the butcher shop and tell the butcher you want some beef ribs for barbequing. Tell him that
you want ribs that are from the ends of the prime rib roast.  

If your lucky he will have fresh ones.... but frozen ones will do just fine.

For quantity, two or three ribs per person will do the trick.

Take the ribs home and for the frozen ones, thaw them overnight in the refrigerator.

When thawed separate each rib and steam them in a steamer until the meat just starts to pull back from the bone.   The steam treatment not only removes excess fat but keeps the meat moist and allows penetration of the BBQ sauce into the meat.

Depending upon the steamer used this could take about 1 hour. 
If your steamer is one that allows fresh garlic to be added to the steam stream, then do it if you like garlic.

Now to get good ribs, you have to marinade your steamed ribs for at least 8 hours.
Twenty- four hours or better is preferable 

Marinade the ribs in your favorite BBQ sauce. Make sure all sides are covered by painting on the sauce on each rib.  Put all the ribs that are coated with BBQ sauce in a covered dish and put it in the refrigerator. 

When you are ready to BBQ, light the BBQ and preheat the BBQ to about 360 degrees Fahrenheit with both burners on.

Now for the ribs.  Turn one side of you BBQ off completely after the preheat temperature has been reached.  Turn the other burner down to as low as it can go without extinguishing the flame. 

Carefully, spread the uncooked ribs on the side that has no flame and close the lid of the BBQ.

Cook the ribs for at least an hour under low heat - the longer the better.

As you cook, move the ribs closest to the burner to the farthest away to prevent burning and move the ones farthest away to the side closest to the burner. 

You have to check the progress of the ribs at least every 7 - 10 minutes and drinking a cold bottle of beer during this time helps pass the time. 

Ribs are done, when they just start to burn on the outside.

Note: The longer you cook the ribs without burning them, the better they will get. 

Also this recipe is also ok for pork spareribs.... but buy 12 oz per person and do not separate all the ribs but separate them in groups of about 3 or 4 ribs. 

Eating BBQ Ribs

Usually barbecued meats are served at informal gatherings. Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and small chicken pieces are treated as finger foods. To eat steak, fish, and large chicken pieces, use a fork and steak knife, cutting one bite at a time.

If a sauce is served separately, use the ladle provided, gravy or sauce, to transfer it to your plate.

Some safety tips for BBQ'ing meat

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