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tdc Market Research - Pesticides - Yes or No

Local governments across North America have contemplated, considered or some already have passed bylaws to outlaw a broad range of lawn and garden chemicals, including in Ontario Toronto, Peterborough and North Bay.

The issue of banning or partially banning is based upon: the present perception that prolonged use of these chemicals will: pollute the water sources; pesticides kill both good and intrusive species of insects; there is the possibility that they could trigger viruses to mutate into other viral types that are presently not controllable; are possible carcinogens for long term exposure; and could detrimentally effect the environment.

Maintenance of the status quo on the use of these chemicals are: that their use drives up property values; provide high yield for crops through the destruction of weeds; kill intrusive insects; provides necessary nutriment for plants; there is easy maintenance of lawns and plants; and the present regulation does not infringe upon the private rights of property owners.

We are polling public opinion about pesticide use not only in Urban areas but also on urban personal, business properties, farms and rural personal properties.

  If you wish to provide your opinion, please fill in the following fields and SUBMIT your opinions and comments.

Name e-Mail
Municipality Province/State
Male put in #1- for female #2)

Where I Live
Urban put in #1, Rural #2, Farm #3)

Pass Bylaws for Commercial Properties to:
Completely Outlaw  ---- #1
Partly Outlaw ------------- #2
Not Outlaw ---------------- #3

Pass Bylaws for Private Properties to: Completely Outlaw  ---- #1
Partly Outlaw ------------- #2
Not Outlaw ---------------- #3

Comments and Opinions on this issue

(Will be published on this Page)


Note: After you submit your information, you will be redirected to
                           tdc's FarmGate Home Page

   Information gathered from your input will be put in a database and
statistically analyzed after Canadian Thanksgiving October 9, 2006.

We will try to notify all those who provided input to this poll via e-mail at that time

Then we will post the results on this page - www.tdc.ca/survey/pesticides.htm 

Quebec Residents Get Their Pesticides in Ontario

Persons wishing to  suggest other polls of public interest

Please e-Mail

If your company or association would like us to
carry out an on-Line survey

Please e-Mail details

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