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of 1999

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The Bill Clinton impeachment trial tops the list  followed by the bombing and subsequent ground war in Yugoslavia. The first time a military force was deployed with the rationale to stop ethnic cleansing.

China's dissatisfaction with the followers of Falun Gong is making everybody nervous.

The rapid rise of the NASDAQ propelled by stocks over the traditional industrial stocks has taken many by surprise.

The fact that the US Economy is still in very good shape due to low inflation rates.

And the massive surpluses of many countries after many years of deficits. 

What to do with this money is still the big story!
The failure of two Mars missions seemingly due to communications problems on the ground and in space are big setbacks for the global Mars exploration missions.
The work of genetic scientists and their approach to curing cancer, diabetes, old age and just about anything else.  This seems to offer hope for those inflicted by almost everything.

It is not there yet, as they found out that simply injecting new genes into someone's body doesn't seem to work.
The little known publicized fact that the Gulf Stream has shifted location could well mean a drastic change to the weather in Europe.

There were massive natural disasters in Venezuela and Turkey blamed on the weather. 
The Y2K story is and always will be the top science story of 1999. Whether or not we have repaired the problem or whether or not we will have catastrophic failures of  our global primary support systems seems to be the question. We will find out the extent of these problems early in 2000.

Second but not far behind is the global concern about the use and consumption of genetically engineered crops.
The surprise or rather not the surprise is how well Tiger Woods has done on the PGA tour.  And the fact that owners of professional teams have put salaried caps on their teams are the big stories. 
The work of the U.N. led by the Australians in East Timor is a good example of how peace
can be accomplished.

Two tenuous settlements - one in Ireland and the other in Israel/Palestine ~~~~ if they hold - they will be deemed historical.

This will be the continuing story in Y2K

e-Commerce took a giant leap this fall as the Internet fueled by money from the NASDAQ took a chance, advertised heavily in traditional media to see if this type of commerce really works.

The jury is still out - but my feelings are ~~there was some progress but not yet!

Now on-line 200 million people and 6 million Web sites world wide and still growing. 

The growth has slowed in North America but still coming on strong in Asia.


Person of the Year


Alan Greenspan...  for keeping the world economy from collapsing

Person of the Century Bill Gates.... for his work with making user friendly computer software and his vision for the future
Person of the Millennium Guttenberg... for his invention of the printing press

Have a Happy 2000 Folks !

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