Voter Apathy - comments
          from those who are doing it


Did you know that 25 - 55 % of the population of North America
do not vote in federal elections depending upon where they live.

Do you know why I like
NOT to vote?

"It is because there are no candidates that I would like to take that office and therefore I won't vote"

"The media did not give me enough unbiased information so I could not make an intelligent decision"

"I thinking voter turnout would improve if they allowed people to vote on-line"

These are the voices of just threee people who did not vote in the recent federal elections.

We want to know why you did not vote.

If you are a Canadian and did not vote in the recent Canadian election or an American  who plans  not to vote in the American presidential election  - we want you to share your thoughts on the reason you are or will not do it  --- you get the drift - just anything that deals positively with this subject.     

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Some Sites that
Might be of Interest

Where have all the voters gone?

Youth Voter Apathy

Voter Apathy 2008

Voter Apathy

Voter apathy reaches all-time high in Canada



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