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Public Washroom Evaluation
for facilities in and around Eastern Ontario

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Generally Clean and Shiny
No Paper on the Floor
Lots of Toilet Paper
Fresh Cut Flowers
Continuous Cleaning Systems
Anti-microbial soap
No-Touch Soap and Towel Dispensers
Baby Changing Table
Attendant Present
Bug Free
Burning Candles
Free Soaps and Perfumes
Soft Comfortable Couches
Quiet Music
Cloths Hooks in the Stalls
Free Matches
Pictures on the Walls
Toilet Seat Covers
Handicap Accessible
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Joe Lor

Hey, Eastern Ontario and the area around - 
What do you think about the state of the public 
washrooms in the schools, restaurants and gas 
stations in and around Eastern Ontario?

Tired of walking into a restaurant or gas station and asking to use the facilities only to find them filthy.  Well here is a chance to report the BEST in the area.   tdc's FarmGate Washroom Assessment provides you with a forum on where to find the cleanest in and around the Eastern Ontario.

Sorry, but if we were to post the filthiest and most disgusting we might be open to legal proceedings.

Submit your evaluation using our form. You don't even have to be a tourist
to help out! Questions and comments can be sent to

Ratings ---- Fantastic - ExcellentGoodNot Bad
Rating Establishment Region/Location Date
Fantastic Esso-Hunt Club&Prince of Wales Nepean 11/19/2007
Excellent Gusto Kingston 9/16/2006
Fantastic Apple Betty's Morrisburg 9/16/2006
Excellent Genji Japanese Restaurant Ottawa Central 8/31/2006
Excellent Toyota Brockville 5/13/2006
Excellent Public Washroom Bloomfield 4/1/2006
Not Bad Keystorm Brockville 3/23/2004
Fantastic The Urban Pear Ottawa Central 1/18/2004
Fantastic Extreme Pita 1495 
Innes Rd 
 Ottawa East 1/10/2004
Excellent Baldachin Inn Merrickville 8/31/2003
Fantastic The Extreme Pita Orleans / Cumberland 10/3/2002
Excellent Ottawa Train Station Ottawa 9/19/2002
Excellent D'Arcy McGee's Pub Ottawa West 8/8/2002
Excellent Tir nan og Pub Kingston 8/3/2002
Excellent Barley Mow/restaurant Nepean 8/6/02
Good Chapters Kingston 7/26/2002
Good Museum of Fine Arts Montreal 7/18/2002
Not Bad Sears @ St. Laurent Mall Ottawa East 6/16/2002
Good Harvey's/Fast Food Ottawa South 1/17/2002
Good Sleepless Goat Kingston 1/12/2002
Excellent Tuscons/night club Gloucester South 9/12/2001
Good District Community Center Almonte 8/19/2001
Excellent Buffalo Charles Ottawa/South 9/22/2000
Excellent National Art Gallery Ottawa 8/27/2000
Excellent Confederation Park Kingston 8/26/2000
Good Chez Piggy/Restaurant Kingston 6/2/2000
Excellent St Hubert's/Restaurant Dorion 5/20/2000


 Washroom in the Museum of Fine Arts Montreal   

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Smoke Free Clean Toilets and Sinks Bright and Well Lit Floors and Walls Spotless No Stairs Good Signage For Directions To

The ratings are presented on this site are updated as they are received in order to present you the most up to date ratings as possible.  We reserve the right to modify or remove any offending entries.

We get e-Mails

November 16, 2007

"I've encountered some horrible washrooms, but one thing that annoys me most
are those people who don't flush the toilets after using them."

Earl McRae -  columnist for the Ottawa Sun newspaper

Submission: August 23, 2006

"I'm frustrated by dirty washrooms without change tables for babies. Two
restaurants, I wouldn't even change the baby on the floor. I changed
them by my table in the bloody restaurant"

Your submission is not automatically put on this page but if accepted
will appear within 24 hours of your submission.

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