Living Alone


Kenneth Karpinski Grand Rapids
" Living alone for me is paradise. I can walk out of my bathroom naked without any naggarts, watch my favorite DVDs and Videos without critics, roam the streets without repercussions or commitments, and generally be myself by and for myself (listen to whatever music I like without any complainers) "
. . " I have been living alone for nearly 30 years. I was unhappily married and lonely and thought the grass was greener on the other side. Well, it is a different shade of green. I believe if God had wanted me to remarry, He would have sent me someone by now. Living alone is the best of times and the worst of times, at times "
Jennifer Green Bay
United States
" Living alone is excruciating at 56 without a significant other nor kids to make you feel like someone cares if you got home safely or you're well. You wake up alive out of habit, sometimes from dreams filled with an ideallic family setting, only to instantly realize as your eyes open that you're alone and still lonely. Oddly, I still have hope that it's going to get better. Why, I don't know. My family's gone and I crave them, so it's beyond me how life is going to get better without ever being able to recover their presence again. I guess when you find that God is all you have, you realize God is all you need. He keeps me going with that inexplicable hope that something or someone will give me back my life again. Someday. "
Rogerc01 Montreal
" Well, it's been 3 years since I've separated from my wife. I blame myself for the separation, but that's a long story. I'm just starting to enjoy my loneliness. I feel I have more control than ever over my life, more self confidence. I'm in control of my own money, my own bills, my own budget ( She used to take care of these things, but I think I do a better job at balancing than she did ). After a days work, I don't have to rush home. If I miss the train, I'll take the next one. I do the dishes when I want to. I watch TV when I want to. There are so many advantages that I won't have enough space to write in this comment. Here's the down side: I miss my kids, although we see each other on weekends. I hope they don't hate me later for leaving "
Cristina Hato Rey
Puerto Rico
" Living alone means being brave and confident. Everyday you get to know a little more about yourself, learn some more, and teach yourself some more. Living alone can make you feel capable as it can make you feel terrible. The good thing is that you discover what you truly like and dislike about yourself, and because you just can't break up with yourself, you develop a better attitude and will to make things better "
Ce-CE London
" I thought it would be scary living on my own, (its been over a week now) yet i seem to be getting more an more confident in life in general. You realize who you are and it makes you much more mature, being able to enjoy your own company is a godsend. You came into this world alone, and its more than likely you're going to leave this world alone. Get used to it "
Tal New Orleans
" Living alone has brought me closer to others than by any other means. It has forced me to discover and reclaim the authority I have inherited as free US citizen. This is an awesome power granted only to a few who have the courage to assume it. It's not easy but what else is there? The braver I get, the easier it gets. Some days I'm scared, some days I'm king. As long as I have my freedom no one can stop me but ME. I'm proud to be alone. Maybe someday I will have a mate but she'll have to give me a lot of space. We are all alone but together. Let's live now.  "
Tanya Edwin London
" When I first came to live by myself in London.. I was so lonely but now after a year and a half ..gradually ..I am getting to know the real me and I know now being alone doesn't mean being lonely, its two different things and the best thing of being alone 'is to do what u what when u want'! 
But a couple of years of being alone is enough to make you strong enough ... I like this life but I'm looking forward to sharing my life or I feel I'll become too tough on the inside...I don't want to ..but then again its a personal choice."
James Irvine, KY
" When married I wished I was alone, when alone I wish I was married again. I do know that if you can't be happy alone you can't be happy with anyone. Living alone has many plusses and minuses "
IBM España " Living alone is not the best thing can happen to you on Christmas, on Christmas you`d better find someone to share that special days, don't want to know how does it feels to be alone deep inside, find someone to be close to your heart."
Gloria Charlotte, NC
" Living alone is sometimes the best thing for a independent person. But as you grow older and wiser, there is no one who wants to listen to your new wisdom or your thoughts. No one who cares what you think or want but you. No one who can tell you they love you each and every day. "
December Cole KiIlgore, Texas
" I have been living alone for a year now since I have gotten out of college. I had room mates for three years before. At first I loved it. Came and went as I pleased. All I cleaned up were my messes. But I am 24 and it is getting where I hate being alone. Especially on cold nights sleeping in a double bed. I keep telling myself that I am young and won't be alone forever and there will probably come a time when I wish I was alone again. But now it is depressing and it is getting to the point where I am coming home from work, taking pills to make me sleep and sleep from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next morning. I have had nothing but one failed relationship after another, and though I would like to start dating again, I am afraid to "
Old lady of Brockville
" Livin alone, - You just can't beat it, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, travel when able, Play, be as silly as you like, sing at 2 a.m., talk all night on the computer No body knows if you have slipped a gear and if you have so what. Enjoy. Life is sooooooo good. "
Fred Brockville
" Just because you're alone doesn't mean that you're lonely. Some of my loneliest moments have occurred in the middle of crowds or at a party. I can be at home alone completely absorbed in my own experience or out for a walk amoungst the population or in the woods by myself and feel as though I belong here, not because I've got a group of people giving me my validation but simply because I exist and because I am aware of my surroundings. 

We do not need validation from outside ourselves. If you can't value your own experience from "inside" no amount of recognition from "outside" will be able to compensate for that. That's the difference between independence and dependence. If you are dependent on someone else's opinion then you are in effect denying or invalidating your own experience. If you can't have an open, comfortable, honest relationship with yourself you'll never have one with anyone else "
Jamaaal Nelson
" Living alone, is like wind blowing through the mountain air, fresh, clean, and freee "
Sophie Melbourne
" It's so depressing and lonely. The feeling of coming home to and empty house all the time is not a good one. People say that loneliness is all in the head, but it's so hard to help the way you feel. "
Bill  Knoxville
" When I am with someone I can't wait to be by myself. When I am alone, I don't have to worry about nobody but me. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, there the best friends anyone can have."
Amy Madison
"I've caught myself a couple times saying I should put something away and then I remember that I'm living alone and I can do whatever I want.  That is the plus side.  The down side is that I do get lonely from time to time.  But overall, living alone has been a great experience for me."
Tom Conroe
"Two is better than one. Of that, I am sure. BUT it must be the right one. Otherwise, living alone is the lesser of the evils. I like making my own decisions. Being able to do what I want, when I want, where I want, how I want. It takes more discipline when you live alone. I think that good discipline builds good character"
John Christchurch
New Zealand


"Living alone for me is being able to see the universe through just my eyes, clearly and without interference from another's viewpoint. It is important for an individual to truly look at the universe or any subset of it; to refuse to look and to try to understand is to be lonely. Those who simply can't avoid such feelings of loneliness should avoid being alone. They have to make do with second best and allow others to interpret the universe for them."
Igor Bucharest
" Living alone for me it's like to be free like a bird "
Dawson Creek

" When snow covers the rocks

And branches glisten in the faint light;

I sometimes wonder and marvel

At the perplexity of my peace.


Where is the trauma

Of a broken relationship,

The ordeal of change,

The pain of self-imposed exile?

Where, indeed, is the specter of a too quiet solitude?


Perhaps it is the distant music,

Filling the space with heart resonating vibes,

Or the lights by which I write,

Soft, gentle, and caressing,

Diffuse and comfortingly constant.


For the sense of being utterly alone,

Turns to utter joy upon realization

Of boundless self-love within my being,

Of beauty acknowledged permeating my essence,

Of cold feet reminding me of mundane reality.


I feel the soft murmurs of my heart,

As a universe flows like warm honey,

Down the gullet of my whole being,

Reminding me of warm kisses and gentle hugs.

Surely it is the music of the Goddess,

The harmony of the spheres,

That causes the laughter welling within

To erupt in smiles, grins, and chuckles.


Being alive -- even with cold feet --

Does have its compensations.
g alone"

Melissa Norman
" Oh how I wish I had had the forethought to know how I would enjoy living alone. You can like people. That doesn't mean U have to live with them. "Hell is other people at breakfast". If you are like me, you really need your home space to be free of people so that you are able to 'recharge' after a day of dealing with others. Introvert is not a dirty word. People are okay in a way, but who the hell needs them in the way."
Reddy Pristina
"If you are alone you need not go to hospitals and pay doctors for some one else. If you are alone you can not deceive yourself that you are living for somebody else"
Jonathon Ottawa Canada "I think that living alone builds character. I cannot imagine ever having room mates again and quite frankly enjoy the extra space. All I can say is that once you get used to it you will never wish for anything else with the exception of getting married perhaps.."
Marie West Lafayette
" Its so lonely living alone"
Brenda Conroe 
"Most of the time I like living alone; after all, it's all about me, all of the time. Still, there's the nagging worry that if I died, no one would notice for days. But then, I wouldn't be here to have to deal with that, would I?

The only other downside to the solitary life is having to do everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, to maintain a home, feed one's self, pay the bills, care for the pets, not to mention earning the money required to do it all."

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