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Sorry Hot Habaneros Sold Out
October 2023


Habaneros Peppers
Dried and Crushed
with the Seeds in..


Directly to You

These Hot, Hot and SPICEY Peppers are for Sale
Call Out the Fire Engines - these babies are HOT!

jalepino.gif (4696 bytes)

Habanero Peppers
Super White Hot and Spicy  !

Habanero Peppers

jalepinos   6000 Scovilles *

Habaneros  300,000 Scovilles *

Our Habaneros
are for Sale

* Scoville Heat Rating -   The Science Thing
According to Stokes Seeds anything over 6000 Scovilles is

Very H o t !

Here is the 10-alarm chili preferred by 3 out of 4 devoted pepperheads!
Yes, it's hot and spicey too ! Have a taste! Your heart beats faster, your mouth waters, your nose sniffles,
your stomach churns, and your head and face break out in a torrential sweat. What could be better?
50 times hotter than Jalapenos --  Distinctive, unforgettable fruity-smoky flavour.

The Habanero (and other really hot chilies) produce a euphoria a few minutes after they are ingested
 because they cause the body to secrete endorphins.

Study identifies health benefit of chili peppers
Could eating spicy food help you live longer?

Habanero's grown in Canada are very very hot ! (Think About Why )

Now you can get 20 grams of dried and crushed Canadian FarmGate
Orange Seeds In Habanero Peppers (about 20 peppers)
shipped via mail to your home anywhere in Canada and United States.

(All Prices quoted includes shipping, handling and all applicable taxes - prices are subject to change without notice)

Plus recipes that you can print out on line on how to use these

super hot peppers:

With these dried chilies you only need less than a
1/16 th of a teaspoon to make it HOT
(a little goes a long long way with this stuff)


        Great Habanero Marinade for your BBQ chicken and Spicy Shrimp

       Chunky Soup wildly tasty HOT !

       Pulled Pork just sing and sting!

       Hot Chili Oil used for Tai Stir Fry and other Asian Cooking Recipes

       Garlic/Tea spray to keep pesty squirrels, cats and dogs out of your garden and off your lawn

       Hot Pepper Sauce - use it to make red HOT wings

Hot and Sour Soup the way you get it at the Asian restaurants. 
Kick Ass Chili -
burning HOT! that will warm the "heart" of football and
 hockey fans  or outdoor winter freaks

 Sprinkle a little on your stir fried veggies when cooking . - WOW!

If you are cooking a hot pot and want to add a BIG Kick ...
Add some of our Dried and Crushed Habaneros 20 minutes
before the end of your cooking cycle...  It will be memorable!

You get the recipes when you order our dried and crushed Habaneros 

To Order 20 grams of Dried Crushed " White Hot " Habaneros  Peppers
please fill in the following form... and SUBMIT
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Note: All indicated * must be filled in if I am to process your order
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Example:  01/16

The price includes  shipping, handling and all applicable taxes

to anywhere
in North America 

and Beyond

$13.00 Cdn $  (approx. $9.75US ) per packet of Orange 20 gms

For shipments of 1 - 4 packages
off of North America add $5.00 Cdn

 Number of packets Orange Habaneros purchased





The Price quoted can change without notice

The amount charged to your Credit Card Account will be in your own currency but converted to the equivalent in Canadian Dollars.

Payment is made payable to Hockey Made Easy
which is an affiliate company to LG Tourism Development Corporation
  -  the  Web marketing company for tdc's FarmGate..

After you submit, you will be sent a confirmation via e-mail as to when your peppers were shipped .
This could take 72 hours.

We Get e-Mails

Thank you.

I ordered these from you last year and really enjoyed them especially in bbque sauces
(although my wife thinks I am completely abnormal).

Thank you for your products and Web site.

Bill Arthur, P. Eng.
Chief Administrative Officer / City Clerk
City of Quinte West,

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